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'It is an old saying, abundantly justified,
that where sciences meet there growth occurs.'

- Quote from Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins

Encourage innovation
through class-leading lab and office space,
designed to support leading scientists and industry,
through an inclusive ecosystem

- Our Mission Statement

About Galileo

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What We Do

We develop and operate inspiring spaces for Life Science companies, in the heart of the urban scientific community.  

Galileo Labs offers flexible co-working lab and office space, dedicated to life-science start-ups close to key university research locations and hospitals.


Galileo Real Estate Development develops and manages science-first buildings, curating a life-science eco-system.

Who We Do It For

In Galileo Labs we host start-up and scale-up life-science companies of all kinds to support their growth, in inspiring locations close to the research institutes. 

We keep supporting businesses beyond their scale-up phase in their work space needs, with our design and development services for R&D facilities and offices in urban locations, to retain that vibrant feel in the company.

Who We Are

Real estate professionals, closely related to the science industry, with a passion for championing growing life science companies.

We bring experience with complex urban developments and working with large and small global life science businesses in developing their housing needs. 


Galileo Labs

What We Do

Fully Fitted Lab and Office Space for growing life science companies (scale space) in a vibrant urban environment.

Our service offer includes design, development, operational support and all bills included in a single fee. This includes high-level hospitality and concierge services.

What We Offer

Our wet laboratories, write-up space and offices are flexible and easy to extend, as you grow your company.

The shared spaces, including cafe, event space and meeting rooms, support knowledge exchange with the scientific community. That community is never more than a short walk away.

Where To Find Us

We are developing locations in the UK’s Golden Triangle of Science, close to Universities, Research institutes and innovation clusters.

All our sites are in the midst of the city's vibrancy, to support a healthy work-life balance for the start-up worker and to attract talent.

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Lab Space

Galileo Life Science Property

What We Do

We acquire, develop, finance and manage science dedicated buildings in key urban locations in London, Oxford and Cambridge.

Our projects are dedicated to science and technology, including public and private bump spaces engaging scientists young and old, new and established.

What We Offer

The projects typically contain an appealing tenant mix of industry leading companies in the Life-science, Tech and AI industry, combined with start-up and scale-up space, and local community education.

Our Background

We are dedicated to delivering buildings that are exciting to tenants and embrace the city, inspired by nature and wellbeing. The focus on the quality of the building ensures green, natural and bright lab and office spaces. 

Real Estate



In central Oxford, right at the heart of the University City, currently ~ 20,000 sq ft is under development.

The building will host 16 private labs + offices, shared lab facilities  and co-working spaces. The building will also have a ground floor cafe, presentation and meeting room spaces for tenants.


Working with the University of Oxford and Oxford Sciences Innovations (OSI) to bring this new facility to life in early 2022.


At the beating heart of Tech and Life Science Research in King’s Cross, a Galileo Labs location of ~ 30,000 sq ft is to be developed.


Galileo is working with local institutions and looking to participate in encouraging science at an early age through engagement with local students and teachers.


Early stage development of a multi-tenant building, hosting a vertical ecosystem in a landmark building.


Galileo is working with a world leading university and their senior leadership team to create a design led integrated research and development hot-spot. 


Early stage development of an 11 storey multi-tenant building, hosting a vertical ecosystem in a landmark building. This joint development with a leading London university will provide much needed collaborative space for industry to locate close to the university. 

With research institutes within walking distance, the location will provide office and laboratory space to an incubator, start-up and scale-up companies, as well as to large tech and pharma companies. 


The building is designed with top sustainability principles adopted and considerable green and bright space being provided. 


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